Customize Your Solution As You Want It. Make Your Products Eye-Catching !

When we design and manufacture an original product, we offer the best quality and price point for our customers. When it comes to developing and manufacturing specialized products, we’re innovators. The CBTR team is all about providing creative solutions with exciting new ideas, designs, sizes, and shapes.

If you are passionate about personalized wooden products, we assure you have come to the right place where you can find handmade photo storage boxes, wood album boxes, wooden storage boxes, wooden decorations, and so on.

make it the most eye catching!

custom made

  • creative idea

    Each of our products is a combination of our passion and nature.

  • Environmental friendly

    We make sure all wooden products are made of environmental friendly materials.

  • Diversity

    We can custom your products by applying any chosen engraving and colors in accordance with your specific request.

If you have a distinctive idea for highly customized products, our designers, facilities, and experiences will work for you! We’d love to be your partner in creating an original solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

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