Founder's Story

I worked in the TIC field (TUV Rheinland) for years. My main work is to help Chinese manufacturers get the certificates for specific markets, like CE for machinery entering the EU market, UL/CAS for US and Canada markets, NR12 for entering Brazil, PSE for Japan’s electrical products, DIN EN 13432 Packaging-requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation, etc.

With these experiences, I became familiar with exporting regulations and standards for multinational markets. Also, I have witnessed so much industry chaos in the TIC industry which bring enormous risk to both manufacturers and end-user. That's the initial reason why I decided to offer sourcing services to foreign customers.

My family owned two OEM factories used to manufacture handmade wooden crafts and simple wooden boxes. We pay more attention to quality and environmental protection but hate dropping into price bargains despite quality all the time. We feel hopeless even when it comes to dealing. Almost customers only care about price and delivery cycle, which drive us into desperation from time to time. I and my colleagues couldn't accept this situation.

With the help of my family and friends, I started my own trading business Trustbridge International Co, Ltd in 2020. I've always dreamed to bring high-quality and reliable Chinese products to the world. With Trustbridge, I started my journey.



CBTR is a professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in manufacturing wooden and Eco-friendly products. For wooden products, we offer indoor and outdoor furniture, household decorations, storage box, packaging box, crafts, etc. Our Biodegradable products range from plates, containers, food wrap, cutlery, bowl, burger box, and more customized type of products.

All Biodegradable products are designed to reduce your carbon footprint. To provide the highest-quality recycled foodservice products in the packaging industry. It is our commitment to be sustainable and inspire everyone and others to spearhead the eco-friendly disposables initiative in order to decrease pollution and harmful waste.

Our biggest advantage is the ability in product design and innovation, quality control ability, and reasonable price. With over 6 years of experience in wooden product design, our R&D team has unique insights into innovative optimization.

Always Looking forward to our intersection.

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