We share industry Trends with you.

Gives you a wide view about chinese market!

We help our customer grow trade and investment in China, and we will provide you and your business with many valuable opportunities.

  • Advice

    Different countries and regions have it’s specific consumer preferences. We share trends and industry observations with you to low down risk and launch your project smoothly.

  • Analysis

    Providing you with consumer insights into the Chinese market We offer valuable and consistent analysis of your target market, segment, or consumers in China with practical recommend solutions.

  • Access

    We help you get the right time,right mode and right persons to entry Chinese market. With our team members, we can even help small business to lead in during the first stage.


We are your international outbound supply chain partner.

We deliver solutions for China and selected key markets. We take products, brands, technologies, services and raw materials to market, build brand reputation, and accelerate sales & market share.

End-to-End Market Expansion Solutions


We work with producers, principals and brand owners to access high-growth markets – and a key focus is on the burgeoning China market with its USD13 trillion economy, USD2 trillion in imports and standout GDP growth rate.

China’s social, economic, consumer and industrial transformation presents market opportunities for products and brands from around the world. But language, culture, business protocols, distance and cost present barriers to success. That is where Axis Group steps in –  our solutions are truly integrated and span the entire international value chain from producer to final customer.

Characteristics of our Market Expansion Solutions

1. Our approach is always fit for purpose and flexible and we adopt different business models in order to suit the context and our clients

2. In some cases we build a comprehensive and dedicated end-to-end infrastructure to meet the needs of a full Route-to Market trading model including on-the-ground brand development, sales force deployment, demand

3. generation, sales and order management, inventory management, logistics, operations and collections

4. We also work on a project basis to bring products and brands to consumers in a buy-sell configuration or a partner model

5. We work across industries and product areas where we have an advantage and where we can make impact

Credentials and Capabilities

1. Extensive networks with principals, brand owners and producers in South Africa, Africa and selected key international markets

2. Deep China knowledge, experience and the ability to connect with customers in their own language, context and model

3. Focused product and sector knowledge in the categories, products and brands that we touch

4. Significant and committed on-the-ground footprint in China, multi-disciplinary skills and operational capacity

5. Relevant trading licenses, warehouse infrastructure and logistics partners to manage seamless implementation and operations


1. Agri and agri-processing and related and adjacent products and brands

2. Metals, minerals and other resources

3. High-end manufactures

4. Niche technologies and selected services

CBTR-Link The World

  • Entering China is a key decision for businesses of all sizes. We can enable you to find the correct pathway for market entry, demystifying the challengesand opportunities to start your journey exporting to China. Our team can guide you on the practicalities of preparing for and doing businessin China –providing you with the platform to unlock your potential.

  • Whether you are newly exporting to or doing business with China, our team canprovide you with access to expert resources and customisable services – ensuringthat your business is set up for sustainable success and growth. We will work with you closely to accelerate development in an ever-evolving market, buildingyou a bespoke customer journey to support and guide you.

  • We are familiar with Chinese market with practical industry experience to informyour China strategy. We help you to make connection with local relatedassociation(Civil or governmental) to get to know a wide range of programmes and opportunities for your business to access – ensuring targeted and strategicengagement with key stakeholders, opportunities to participate in events anddedicated sector insights.


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