Sourcing products from China Can Be Easy

CBTR build the trust bridge between buyer and seller. A “Transparent” and “Reliable” China sourcing service provider.

China is becoming one of the manufacture centre of the world. Emerging market is booming such as new energy, biology, high end equipment manufacturing regions. Meanwhile, a lot of domestic creative products and equipment are warmly welcomed among foreign customers.

For international importer, it is not easy to monitor production, inspection, packaging and shipment step by step. This is why we decided to launch this business stream. Our service is to help you monitor and check every step when importing products from China.

CBTR supports small businesses that find suitable suppliers at a reasonable cost and reduce the possibility of risks, negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf and monitor the quality, send you inspection report before the products are transported to you. In case any products didn’t meet your requirement which turn to be our responsibility, we will ensure that you get compensation or satisfying solution.

  • Free Plan


    For all following services, No Hidden Charges

    Potential supplier recommendation

    Getting rough quotation from suppliers

    Consultation on project costs

    Arrange customized samples

    Collection samples & onsite inspection

    Consultation on import/export compliance

    Certifications verification

  • Pro Plan


    With only 5 to 10% commission fee, you can enjoy all premium services

    Suppliers verification report

    Order follow up on site

    Customization for products

    Customization for packaging

    Offer private label solutions

    Professional product photography

    Random quality testing and inspection

    Arrangement shipping solution

    Your customer representative in China

  • Basic Plan

    $100/onsite $80/offsite

    Price will be quoted by inquiry

    Warehouse storage

    1688/Alibaba/Taobao agent

    Sample collection/shipping

    Authenticate supplier’s legitimacy report(3 ways)

    Random inspection+arrangement for shipping

  • Extra Services

    Custom price

    Price will be quoted by inquiry

    Graphic designing

    Product research

    Top priority sourcing service

    Product re-packing/bundle/labeling

    Factory visit for export production follow-up

    Hiring and handling labor force in China

    Professional product/lifestyle photography & video

    Customization for packaging and labels

    Customization products inspection service(general/1 by 1)

Sourcing Is Never Just simply Finding Out A Few Supplier !

Finding a supplier is easy, as there are so many channels like Alibaba, Made-in-China, Google and other SEO channels. Smart manufactures and traders’ AD are flying which makes you anxious to make the correct decision. Facing so many suppliers, you have to balance the price, quality, delivery efficiency, compliance issues, export regulations etc. 

Mission impossible? Don’t be frustrated. Let us help you. Helping you find the suitable supplier is just the first step. Order follow-up, sample inspection, bulk order inspection are our second step. Empowering your suppliers to improve and change are our continuous pursuit.

We set us on consumer and commercial products field, our engineers coming from different industry who are familiar with products and testing methods to verify and identify, and enlarging our team to broaden our vision and scope of services to offer our customers more value.

Hopefully, we could bring the world a reliable and trustworthy Chinese namecard.

CBTR - Link The World With Trust

There are different kinds of regulations and restrictions during export or import process. Every market has it’s own requirements for specific products. For exporter, it’s hard to choose an authorized third party, as most of them have very limited knowledge about regulations and standards. Also, some authorities can issue the “same certificates” with such confusing price difference.

For example, when exporting machine to EU market, CE certifications are needed for exporter or manufacturer. Products must conform with regulations on the safety of machine (machinery directive 2006/42/EC), safety of electricity (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC) and electromagnetic compatibility(EMC 2014/30/EC). As for manufacturers, quite a few of technical documents must be prepared and submitted. Necessary protection for Mechanical and electrical risk must be taking accordingly. It’s really a tough work.

However, quite a few exporters pay little attention to these regulation, as fake certificates are flying and lake of market surveillance which contains great risk to both exporter and importer.

Our Businesses:

Global Procurement & Supply

Market Expansion

Corporate Advisory

  • Suppliers

    Customers Global Procurement & Supply

    · Integrated Sourcing & Supply

    · Global Procurement Services

    · Capital Project Procurement Solutions.

    · Professional Resourcing

    · Better buying from global markets

    · Inbound Supply Chain Solutions

  • Customers

    International Market Expansion

    · Market Insight,Planning & Decision Support

    · Marketing & Brand Management

    · Business Development & Sales

    · On-the-ground Support & Execution

    · Business growth in international markets

    · Outbound Supply Chain Solutions

  • Consulting

    Cross-Border Corporate Advisory

    · Strategic Advisory

    · Transaction Advisory

    · Strategic Insight & Implementation Solutions

How Do We Help You Sourcing ?

We have six engineers from well-known third party (one from BV, two from SGS and one from TUV Rheinland). Each of them are specialized in specific region for many years and have deep knowledge and visions in related supply chain. We also have made collaborated relationship with mentioned third parties to make sure we are always on the line and make the right choice.

We can test or check your products following your specific requirements or providing a plan for your choice. We can do onsite factory audit per your request.

  • Initial Production Inspection

    Before volume production, CBTR inspects the first-article samples. This authenticates that the product specifications are the same as described. This will avoid any future unnecessary re-engineering.

    An IPI covers below sections:

    1. Raw materials and components

    2. Production lines & capability

    3. Semi-finished products

    4. Some finished products

    5. Facilities & equipment

    6. Environment

  • During Production Inspection

    Inspections during the product processing in China evaluate samples of your products. This will finalize the quality of your product and checks for any necessary changes to be done earlier. This will reduce rework time and costs.

    A DPI covers below sections:

    1. Production condition during manufacturing

    2. Production evaluation and timeline verification

    3. Overall assessment and recommendations

    4. Random sampling inspection of the semi-finished and finished product.

  • Production Monitoring

    For challenging or sensitive orders, to have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems.

    An IPI covers below sections:

    1. Quantity

    2. Workmanship

    3. On-Site Tests

    4. Product Specification

    5. Packing

    6. Marking & Labeling

    7. Client Special Requirement

    8. Constant observation

    9. Semi-finished product check

  • Final Inspection and Loading Assistance

    Before the shipment of goods, our engineers inspect and verify that the final products will meet your specifications.

    A FIL covers below sections:

    1. Marking & Labeling&Packing.

    2. Quantity of goods and condition of outer packaging

    3. Conduct a random quality spot-check

    4. Monitor the loading process to minimize breakage and maximize space utilization

End-to-End Integrated Solutions

We do sourcing but we don’t only sourcing. We help improve your supply chain by offering consulting services.

With colleabration with local excellent consulting authorities and engineers from TIC industry(testing/inspection/certification), comprehensive testing and verification laboratory, high-end manufacturing industry, we offer one-stop consulting services, including reliability consulting, Mechanical/electrical modularization consulting, FMEA implementation...ect.

Key Questions, What We Do, Value Proposition


why choose us

If you are new to China and aim to import various products, a professional Chinese sourcing agent is necessary to handle so complicated works like searching different suppliers, factory audit, cut-price, product inspection and shipment and so on. A normal sourcing agent can only provide common products and basic information, which is of no help to make correct decision.

If you need import industrial products, most sourcing agents cannot offer a hand as most of them have limited knowledge about products’ parameters and safety standards. The professional engineers in electrical, mechanical or testing regions are shortage. Usually, it is hard for them to identify a certificate. Thus you have to assess the suppliers by visiting Chinese factory in person.

In CBTR, we will help you find qualified factories to match technical requirements, negotiate MOQ, guarantee quality, and comply with other related standards or regulations. We have close connections with TIC authorities including SGS, TUV Rheinland, TUV-SUD, Intertek(ITS), BV, DEKRA, UL, DNVGL, BSI. Meanwhile, we collaborate with local lab to carry out related testing and ensure your products meet certain index or specific requirements.

We know how to identify your products or suppliers with professional methods.

Our service includes

Sourcing specific product; perfect your supply chain by offering several reliable manufacturer for you to evaluate;

Quality assurance system inspection and audit(ISO9000,ISO14000),Certificates checking and verification;

Supplier verification & Factory auditing, offer you inspection report;

Order follow-up;

Price and MOQ negotiation;

Products quality inspection;

Structure checking or test according to custom request testing;

Shipping agent assess, give more optional choice to lower your freight cost;

On-site evaluation( safety related checking or documents review);

Your representative in China

our story

Our founder worked in TIC field for years. His main work is to help Chinese manufacturers get the certificates for specific market, like CE for machinery entering EU market, UL/CAS for US and Canada markets, NR12 for entering Brazil, PSE for Japan’s electrical products, DIN EN 13432 Packaging-requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and bio-degradation...etc. 

With these experience, we are familiar with exporting regulations and standards for multinational market. We provide professional service to help our customers handle various kinds of tasks during our cooperation, such as market research, quality control, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance, and supply chains development. Find us, you will save time and maximize profits.



Driving go-to-market activities that target cost reduction, on-time delivery and ensuring quality:

Strategic sourcing and Category development

• Potiential supplier recommendation

• Supplier pre-qualification, identification, selection and management

• Sample testing and quality verification

• Negotiation on price and MOQ...

• Supplier relationship management

• Supply chain risk mitigation

Product Verification

Manage complete international supply chain and logistics

• Site visits and supplier audits (commercial, technical, CSR and HSE)

• Supplier Inventory/Warehousing management

• Manufacture On-site checking and fabrication quality assurance and control

• Sample collection and testing

• Key factor testing Witness

• Standards/Regulations compliance

Supplier Improvement

• Modularization for Machinery products (Mechanical and Electrical aspect) to low down cost

• Product reliability improvement

• FMEA analyse and implementation (PEMEA/DFMEA)

• CAE for mechanical and electrical products 

• Technical documentation assitance

Transaction Management

• Customs clearance management

• Contract terms management

• Demand and specification management

• Negotiation and contracting

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